BOTB 2021 Virtual Swim

Our Virtual BOTB Swim event has been completed! Thank you everyone for participating!

The 14th annual Bring on the Bay Open Water Swim was virtual this year!   While we were disappointed that the Covid-19 situation prevented us from safely gathering, it could not stop swimmers from enjoying the day on their own terms and participating in the “BOTB Virtual Swim”.

Plus we still supported our Easter Seals kids while doing something we enjoyed, and helping Kids be Kids.

You can still donate!

Who Can Swim

We welcome all swimmers of all ages!

We do expect that you have trained appropriately and have taken all safety precautions, including following your local Covid-19 guidelines. You will need to sign a waiver during the online registration process.

Where to Swim?

You choose the venue: a lake, river, or ocean! Wherever you can find a safe place to swim and keep track of your distance and time.

New in 2021 Virtual Event: swim in a pool!

When to Swim & Report results

Swim anytime between July 1st and 25th, 2021, and send in your results to be collected and posted.

After you register and swim, please report your results using this link. Share your swim on the private Bring On The Bay Swimmers FaceBook Group.

Which Distances?

The Bring on the Bay Swim includes our two traditional open water swim distances: 1.5K and the classic 3K swim.

New for the 2021 Virtual Event: we are also going to offer a virtual 6K category, for the BOTB-Double for athletes up to the challenge! Swim virtually from NSC to BYC, and then back virtually upstream from BYC to NSC.

New for the 2021 Virtual Event: we are also opening categories for the 1.5K & 3K pool swims (no wetsuit).

You decide which distance you would like to swim, register for one or as many as you desire.  This is something you could not do on an actual in-person race day, so let’s take advantage of the virtual swim format in 2021!

Registration Info

Registration fees are greatly reduced to $25 to register, per race. With a 3 week race calendar, enter as many swim categories as you desire, though only 1 swim will be eligible for the GSS, and the highly coveted BOTB 10-year Honorary Loyalty program.

Registration is closed: BOTB 2021 Virtual Swim.

And join us on our Virtual FaceBook Group: Bring On The Bay Swimmers

Note: if you are having troubles with the registration, please email Linda, or call during regular business hours and we’ll work though that: 613 893 3240.

What are the benefits for you?

The BOTB Virtual swim still allows you to do what you love, SWIM!  We want to stay active, and focus on our fitness goals, and we know that our Easter Seals families need our support more than ever, and the virtual swim lets us do both!

Easter Seals Fundraising: We encourage you to try to fundraise and collect pledges from your contacts and colleagues in support of your participation in the swim.  All proceeds donated will qualify for a tax receipt and help support families within our region who are seeking support from Easter Seals. 

Top 3 VIP fundraisers will be awarded Bushtukah Gift Cards: $400, $250, and $100 each. Any participant raising a minimum of $25 will also be entered in a random draw for one of 16 additional prizes: BOTB Inspired prints, entries to “Traversee Du Lac Tremblant”, or $50 Bushtukah Gift Cards. Checkout the Easter Seals BOTB Fundraising page for a full list of prizes.

Get your friends and colleagues to help you raise money for Easter Seals: Sponsor a swimmer.

Bring on the Bay Loyalty: You matter to us and going virtual doesn’t change that!  We celebrate and recognize swimmers who have joined us for 10 or more years.  If you are counting towards your 10-year swim cap number, this year will count!  Reminder that our 10-year swimmers will forever be assigned the same swim cap number for future BOTB swims. It’s an honorary club!

Global Swim Series Points:  We are a founding member of the Global Swim Series which includes over 200 swim events, in over 35 countries and more than 100,000 swimmers. Simply join our virtual event to earn yourself points in the Global Swim Series and achieve a worldwide ranking! This is also an opportunity for international swimmers to earn points in our event without having to travel. Sign up from anywhere! Swim anywhere! Join other GSS virtual events to improve your GSS world ranking!

Bring on the Bay Swag! When registering, supporters are invited to shop our swag shop and purchase some items.  All proceeds from sales will support Easter Seals Ontario.  More info will follow. 

What to Wear

It’s up to you to decide whether to wear a wetsuit or no-wetsuit.

When completing a qualifying swim, please do not wear fins, snorkels, flotation aids or any device that helps you move forward in the water.  We encourage you to wear swim goggles and use of a tow-along, high-visibility swim flotation device, such as myFloat. It’s there to keep you safe when swimming in small groups. We do not recommend that you swim alone.

How to record your swim results

In open water: utilize your GPS enabled sports watch, use distance markers in the water or even landmarks.  We place trust in our swimmers to record their time and distance as accurately as possible.

In a Pool: super simple. Keep track of of your lengths and time for recording. Best use a friend to keep track of the laps, as there could be a lot of laps involved! Note: for safety reasons, there is no wetsuit category for pool swims.

While there are no awards for placing this year, we will provide a record of swimmers along with time and distance.

How to submit your swim results

We’ll be providing a link to submit your own results by email, and on the private Bring On The Bay Swimmers Facebook group which will be tabulated and posted on the BOTB Website.

New in 2021 for Virtual Event: You can promote your training and actual swim efforts onto the BOTB FaceBook page on the new private “Bring On The Bay Swimmers” Facebook group. Ask to join and be part of the virtual fun!

Lay down the challenge to your friends and competitors! We encourage folks to show us how you are participating in your own virtual BOTB.

Final Results & Sportstats

Results will be available online after the competition period has expired on July 25th, 2021.

We will have results categorized for wetsuit or non-wetsuit, male or female.  Separate results will be provided for pool swims in a single list.  Results will be posted permanently on Sportstats to view with the rest of your historic swims!

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