Swimmer Info

Note:  A small group of swimmers will take part in an introductory 1500m ‘Walk-the-Plank’ BOTB swim. Swimmer instructions will be emailed separately. Except for the swim start, most of the required information can be found here.

Despite record high Spring flow this year, and a cooler than average Spring, water levels have been dropping and water temperature increasing. Depending on swim day weather, we are expecting good conditions on the day of the event, perhaps with higher than usual flow (assisting the last leg of the swim) and slightly cooler water temperatures.

Swim Packet Pick-up and Late Registration: Please check-in on Friday July 14th, 6 pm to 8 pm, Nepean Sailing Club, 3259 Carling Avenue, at Dick Bell Park. If you have offline pledge forms, please bring them too – you’ll be eligible for special prizes on swim day. While you’re there, check out the course, swim-start and club facilities. Enjoy a beverage and pre-race meal or snack on the deck.

Alternatively, packet pick-up is available on Swim day between 7am – 7:30am.  We strongly encourage you to come Friday evening to avoid congestion on race day morning.

Safety and Swim Rules: There will be boats, canoes, kayaks and paddle-boards patrolling the course. Swimmers may stop and hold on to a boat for the purpose of rest and recovery. No escort is allowed! Swim caps must be worn during the race and are included with your registration package. Please attach the provided swim cap numbers to each side of your swim cap.  Goggles are strongly recommended. There are no restrictions on wetsuits.  Awards will be presented in both non-wetsuit and wetsuit categories. Fins, paddles and other swim aids are NOT permitted. Violators will not be eligible for awards.  Music listening devices are NOT allowed. We want you to be able hear commands from our water safety team, possible distress calls from fellow swimmers and cheers from the spectators on the 30 sailboats along the course!

Chip timing by Sportstats: Chip pick-up will take place on race day morning. You should wear your chip on either ankle.  Safety pins are available to help secure the chip strap on your wrist, if desired.

Swim Start: Bring your swimsuit, wetsuit (optional), goggles (recommended), pre-race nutrition, hydration and sunscreen. Swim caps are mandatory and will be provided. We will provide you with a bag to drop off your shoes and extra clothing, which we will transport to the finish line. If you prefer, bring your own bag or knapsack for easier identification at the finish line. We will provide a tag with your assigned race number.

Free parking is available at the Nepean Sailing Club. Please follow the guidance of our parking lot volunteers.  You may enter through the main doors of the clubhouse and proceed to the check-in desks (on the 2nd level), or direct to the swim start if you already have your race kit.  You will be directed to the swim start. Washrooms are located in the main clubhouse and in the sailing school pavilion near the swim start.  Additional portable facilities are located near the swim start.

The swim will begin at 8 am sharp!!! You may warm up before the swim but please be out of the water by 7:45 am. All swimmers must be on the dry-land side of the timing mat at least 5 minutes before the start.  Please follow instructions so we can get the swim started on time. Please attach your assigned swim cap number to both sides of your swim cap. The swim cap must be worn at all times during the swim.

 Again this year….

600 swimmers are expected.  Swimmers will enter the water from a rolling start, from the shore. You will be assigned into one of five groups based on your predicted swim time.  A coloured swim cap will indicate your group.  Faster swimmers will enter the water ahead of slower swimmers. Please try to stick to your group.  Your start time will be based on crossing a timing mat on the dock just prior to entering the water.  We recommend wearing your timing chips on either ankle to avoid undetected timing chips at the start.  Diving is not permitted!  All swimmers should be in the water and on their way within 15 minutes, starting at 8am.

At 8am, an elite group of swimmers will begin from in the water. The general group of swimmers will enter the water with a continuous flow of swimmers crossing the timing mat, on the dock, until everyone is on their 3k-swim journey.  Your swim time will be determined according to the time you cross the start mat and exit via the swim ladders at the finish line.

The Swim: The course will be well marked. There will be large swim markers. As well, at least 30 sailboats will be anchored along the course cheering you on.  After passing through a pair of swim markers near the start, keep ALL the swim markers and sailboats to your right. Sailboats along the way will display ‘distance-to-go’ signboards.  They will be numbered from 2900m to 100m to go until approaching the finish line.

As mentioned, plenty of kayaks and safety boats and sailboats will be on the course to offer guidance and rest opportunities. If you need to remove yourself from the swim, we will provide you with transport to the finish line. Volunteer medical staff will be available at the finish line. Swimmers requiring medical attention during the swim may be transported prior reaching the finish line.

We have imposed a time limit of 2 hours to complete the swim.  We may have to remove swimmers who take longer due to the non-availability of volunteers.

Finish Line: Four side-by-side ladders will be available to exit the water.  Please check the photo of the Britannia Yacht club from the waterside.


Navigate by sighting the red roof of the building.  As you approach the club, the ladders will be plainly visible.  Please don’t delay climbing the ladder to avoid congestion in the water.  As you climb the ladder, a timing mat located on the wall behind the ladders will electronically record your chip time. Please continue to climb the ladders and wear your swim cap until you reach the top of the ladder.

Your swim bag will be available to you. Food and refreshments will be provided to participants only.

Buses are available to transport your family and friends from the start to the finish line, and back again.  A continuous flow of buses will depart the Nepean Sailing Club every five minutes just after the swim start.  Please consider using this option and leave your car behind.  It WILL be quicker than driving and parking!

If your family/friends choose to drive, limited parking is available in the Britannia Yacht Club parking lot. Additional parking will be available on nearby streets with restrictions.  Please ask your family and friends to follow the direction of the parking volunteers, as we must keep certain routes clear for public transit routes.

Once again, return transportation is available back to the Nepean Sailing Club for swimmers and spectators.

Awards Presentation: A short awards presentation will take place at approximately 9:30am. Awards medals will be presented to the top 3 male and female overall winners in both wetsuit and non-wetsuit categories.  As well, the top 3 Wetsuit and Non-Wetsuit swimmers in each age group will receive awards medals.  Overall winners will be removed from the age group awards.

All participants will receive a finisher’s medal. Plenty of prizes will be available, so stick around! Results will be provided onsite by Sportstats. Also check:  https://www.sportstats.ca/display-results.xhtml?raceid=42573

Bad Weather: We are anticipating incredible weather for the swim event. However, in the unlikely case of severe weather (lightning, low visibility, strong northwest winds with resulting high waves), the swim will be delayed a short while or canceled.  We will make every attempt to run the event safely and on time.  We will try to give you as much notice as possible using email, Facebook and Twitter (@Bringonthebay). Please sign up so you can follow us!  If the event is completely canceled or you cannot swim with us, Easter Seals may be able to issue you a tax receipt for your donation.

We are looking forward to a great turnout and a wonderful day for swimming!  See you on Saturday, July 15th, 2017

Volunteers: Race volunteers and Water Safety volunteers (kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddle-boards) are always needed. There is no limit on the number of volunteers we can use.  If your friends or family wish to join, please contact us by email. bringonthebay@gmail.com  or botbboaters@gmail.com