For more information about the Bushtukah Bring On The Bay swim for Easter Seals, please contact the race directors by email.

  • Richard Pessah
  • Judy Andrew Piel



Recipient of Ontario’s Celebration 2010 Award for Community Sports Volunteerism


5 thoughts on “ContactUs

  1. I really enjoyed participating in this year’s event.It was very well organized and has a very cool “vibe”. Thank you to all the volunteers and organizers for all their efforts.I WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK NEXT YEAR!


  2. As a thanks for my fundraising efforts in 2016, I have a free entry to the 2017 BOTB swim. Do I register in person with my certificate?


  3. I don’t have a kayak, nor a canoe and I am afraid of the water. I am volunteering for on-land duty. Margaret


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