We are always looking for volunteers to help both on and off the water. If you can help please let us know by with a note to  bringonthebay@gmail.com

There are lots of places we need help with leading up to race day, and especially on race day itself!

On Land:

  • Friday Set-up and Race Kit Pick-up
  • Saturday Set-up and Race Kit Pick-up
  • Saturday Race Start Venue (Nepean Sailing Club)
  • Saturday Race Finish Venue (Britannia Yacht Club)

On The Water:

BOTB-vol-kayak1-smBe part of the safety flotilla to help escort the swimmers.

Along with the anchored sailboats along the 3km route, the paddlers are both part of the safety crew, as well as providing encouragement and a level of comfort along the open water swim.


If you are available to join our water safety team, please contact us via BOTBboaters@gmail.com. We are always looking for anyone with a canoe, kayak or SUP

If you have a swimmer in the event, it’s a great way to get involved and become part of the flotilla. Help keep this is a positive experience for everyone.

Don’t have your own watercraft? Drop us a line – we may be able to provide a limited supply of kayaks.


Over the past years, it’s always been great to have the Ottawa Fire Rescue water safety crew with us as well. Trained professionals with keen eyes are there to make sure your day is safe.

Big thanks to the City of Ottawa!


Long before before swimmers arrive, crews from the Nepean Sailing Club hop into power boats to setup the course and fasten the marker buoys for the swim.

During the event, these watercraft stay at a safe distance from the athletes, keeping a watchful eye on the keelboats and paddlers to see where help may be needed.


And finally, big thanks to the volunteer skippers with big hearts from the Nepean Sailing Club, and BYC to make this truly a unique open water event right here in the National Capital.

As a bonus, the sailboats also act as large marker buoys to aid in sighting, an additional layer of safety for the swimmers on the Bring On The Bay event.

Though we can’t guarantee that all sailboats have a towel and a hot cup of coffee for swimmers who need a break, it’s great to know the whole support crew is out there for you.

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