BOTB Team Challenge

Do you train with a club or a team?

Bring your friends and team-mates along and enter our new team challenge, based on participation & performance.

Building your team is easy! Just make sure that each swimmer includes your club or swim team name on his or her entry form during online registration.

Your team will be awarded one point for each member who registers for the race. On race day, your team earns additional points based on age group performance:

  • Each 1st place age-group finish earns an additional 3 points.
  • Each 2nd place age-group finish earns 2 points.
  • Each 3rd place age-group finish earns 1 point.

The team with the greatest number points at the end of the day wins! The winning team will receive a plaque and — most important — bragging rights for the whole year!

There will be 2 divisions , based on your club membership. Team divisions as follows:

  • Orca: 100+ members
  • Dolphin: under 100 members

Full team results can be found on the Results section.

One thought on “BOTB Team Challenge

  1. Expect a few or more members of the E=MC3 Triathlon Club (from Prescott-Russell/Rockland) to participate, as we have for the last few years.


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