Swim Angels

Image result for angelsThe BOTB swim angel program will be has been established to accommodate swimmers who would like to swim in the event but, for reasons ranging from disabilities, to medical conditions, to even fear of swimming alone, would not otherwise be able to participate.

A Swim Angel is someone who swims alongside a swimmer to provide an extra measure of confidence and safety needed for them to be able to participate. These would be swimmers who, for whatever reason, are physically able to complete the race but could (or would) not do it (safely) without having an angel present. If required during the race, the angel provides reassurance and encouragement to their swimmer in order to help them to avoid anxiety and to be able to finish the race. If the swimmer needs to be pulled from the race, they will provide immediate assistance until a nearby kayak/boat arrives. All Swim Angels are experienced open water swimmers who receive specialized training prior to the event.

If you feel that you need a swim angel in order to participate in and finish the swim safely, please choose that option when completing the registration.  You will be contacted by one of our Swim Angels, who will discuss your specific needs in order to pair you with the most appropriate swim angel. You will be required to participate in a pre-race swimmer – angel training event to be held at the Nepean Sailing Club from 18:00-20:00 on Friday July 14th (the day before the swim). You will be introduced to your assigned Swim Angel and you will both do some in-water swimming together at the swim’s start area, under the supervision of our Arch-Angel, and a Lifesaving Society instructor.

If you have interest in becoming a swim angel or you would like to swim with the aid of a swim angel, please contact:  BOTBangels@gmail.com

2015 testimonial from Shelley: “…. thank you and all the others for an excellent Bring On The Bay swim with swim angels.  That was such a great adventure—I’ll be back next year, for sure.  I’ll even try to convince more blind swimmers to join in!”

See full note here.

angel start sm
Angel Start
most determine swimmer sm
Most Determined Swimmer.  With Angels, and SUP escort.

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