A mesage from swimmer- Anne Griffith

This year I will be swimming Bring on the Bay for my daughter, Amelia! Amelia has a congenital spinal cord defect has left her unable to sit independently or use her legs. Luckily, Amelia was accepted to receive assistance from Easter Seals and so will be closely tied to this organization until she is 18 years old. To our family, raising money for Easter Seals is investing in Amelia’s future. The money we raise for Easter Seals will provide her with experiences that we as a family cannot. This includes sending her to specialized summer camps where she can engage in water sports, tree top trekking, zip-lining, archery and so much more – nothing is out of reach!

Easter Seals will also provide financial assistance to purchase devices and make our home and vehicle accessible as she ages. As a parent, there are always concerns for your child but for children with special needs the mental and financial stress on parents can be overwhelming. The cost of wheel chairs, standers, bathroom supports, braces, house ramps, accessible vehicles (to list only a few) can be crippling. But thanks to Easter Seals, and the fundraisers like Bring on the Bay that support them, these devices are within reach for a child and their families.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please consider signing up for the swim or donating to a swimmer.

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