Registered Swimmers


2019 BOTB Online Swimmer Lists

If you wish to be considered in the elite wave and are swimming approximately 42-44 minutes, contact our race directors for consideration. 

Swim caps have been provided again this year by Vorgee Canada. Wave colours and assignments will be available here July 11th, 2019 :

Group # Est Time Range

(subject to change)

Cap Number Swim Cap Colour 2019
Elite Wave sub 42 minutes 12-43 Women-Pink, Men -Green
Wave – 1 43-54 minutes 44-168 Orange
Wave – 2 55-60 minutes 169-305 Yellow
Wave – 3 60-74 minutes 306-454 Green
Wave – 4 75 minutes and over 455-623 Pink
1500m 676-811 Women-Orange, Men-Yellow

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One thought on “Registered Swimmers

  1. We just updated the list to July 2, and the final online update will be avail Thursday morning.
    Thanks for signing up with BOTB, looking forward to a great day in the water, and for Easter Seals.


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